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About me

Leandro Simões was born in 1985 and soon becomes a dreamy child who loves, among all classes at school, the artistic class, or drawing class for others. This passion followed him for many years, but the family's financial condition was never the best and he never managed to take the dreamed plastic arts classes. At the age of 16 Leandro has already started working to help with household expenses and thus his dream of becoming a visual artist has disappeared over time.
Today, Leandro Simões is a Front-End Developer, married, and who found himself trapped inside the house during the Covid-19 pandemic that terrified the world.
Behold, in 2021, during a lockdown in his hometown, in Brazil, Leandro feels an artistic spark within him. A spark that would make him dream again, practice, and especially have fun doing art.
Today Leandro makes art for love, without pretending to be a great artist, makes art to free the bad thoughts that the pandemic brought and still brings to his mind.